Unlocking Style: A Fashionista's Guide to Dazzling Hair Highlights

Unlocking Style: A Fashionista's Guide to Dazzling Hair Highlights

Changing up your hairstyle, whether it's with a major slash or a new variety, can have a colossal effect — on the manner in which you look, yet in addition on the manner in which you feel. Yet, in the event that you're uncertain about coloring your whole head another variety or attempting one of the blistering yet polarizing hair style patterns of the mid year (bixie, anybody?), then features are an effective method for going.

In the event that you're not knowledgeable in that frame of mind of hair, you might feel that there's just a single sort of features out there, however like a periphery and weaves, there are various assortments. From '90s stout features and cash pieces to the consistently famous balayage procedure, there are a modest bunch to browse.

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There are additionally three principal featuring procedures: foil, fractional, and full. Regardless of what type you go with, the goal is something similar. Features will ease up specific strands on your head to diverge from your base or normal hair tone. This assists add with dimensioning to your current tone while lighting up it up. That is one reason boxed hair color can look so unforgiving — the outcome misses the mark on profundity and can feel exceptionally level.

Features are frequently exposed to patterns — like "tennis" and "corona features" — so monitoring what's going on with everything can be a task all by itself. Fortunately, you don't have to sign yourself up for cosmetology school to get a thought. With the assistance of a portion of our #1 hair specialists, here's a lowdown on feature methods and types.

Money-Piece Highlights

What Are Money Piece Highlights? - Understanding the Money Piece Hair Trend

Cash pieces were extremely popular during the '90s, and presently they're back. Like stout features, this style includes a heavier piece of variety that is not quite so mixed as conventional features. Where the two vary is in arrangement. Cash pieces outline either side of the face.


Balayage is a featuring method that includes hand-painting the variety so it's light and padded at the roots and thicker at the mid-to-finishes of the hair. "Balayage is applied on the outer layer of the segment and not immersed through the part until the very tips," Jack Howard, a London-based superstar beautician, recently told POPSUGAR.


Priorities straight, we should clear up one normal confusion: balayage is a shading method, while ombré is a pattern that is achieved through balayage. You've probably seen — or perhaps attempted — ombré previously. It's depicted as a progressive difference in hair tone.


Consider this method the younger sibling to the customary feature. Babylights include utilizing foils to add little segments of daintiness to your general hair tone. "Since they are so little and sensitive, they are truly consistent and develop out actually perfectly," Rachel Bodt, a VIP beautician and Grid brand diplomat, recently told POPSUGAR.

Chunky Highlights

Chunky Highlights Are Back

Precisely as the name recommends, stout features are thick, high-contrast segments of variety added all through the head. The look was ultra well known during the '90s — picture Kelly Clarkson's striped strands in those days — however they've been refreshed for a cutting edge feel.

Halo or Ring Highlights

Radiance features, otherwise called ring features, are about nuance. "[It] gives a lighter face-outlining impact by adding features nearest to the face, leaving the remainder of the hair hazier," George Papanikolas, a superstar hair colourist and Framework brand diplomat, recently told POPSUGAR. The method is like cash pieces, yet a lot lighter with less difference. It'll make you seem as though you have a delicate focus all over consistently.

Midlights Highlights

How-To: Natural Looking Highlights with Midlights | Beauty Launchpad

Midlights are a kind of unpretentious, scarcely there feature. "A midlight is 'in the middle between' variety that associates your base tone to your features," superstar colourist Matt Rez says. "They are woven and set couple right under a feature foil parcel." The variety is regularly no lighter than two levels from your base.

Ripple Highlights

Swell features are a low-upkeep dream. This style consolidates customary features with balayage. "Swell features is a combination of the two — bigger cuts of variety yet painted definitively in foil straight up to the root," Tom Smith, big name hair specialist and worldwide variety imaginative chief for Evo Hair, recently said. The last piece of the riddle is a shadow root to assist with mixing everything together and disguise new development.

Tennis Highlights

Tennis features require no athletic capacity, yet they will make you seem as though you just put in a couple of hours going around in the sun. The variety is unpretentious and normal looking. "Fine babylights a couple of shades lighter than your base tone are perfectly mixed all through the hair to make a ultranatural, sun-faded look," Sharon Dorram, ace colourist at Sharon Dorram Tone at Sally Hershberger, recently told POPSUGAR. "This multi-faceted strategy is very adaptable since it reenacts how hair normally lights up in the sun."

Airtouch Highlights

The AirTouch Technique Is The Softest Way To Try Balayage | Hair.com By  L'Oréal

Airtouch features utilize a hair-shading method that gives flawlessly mixed variety. They take more time than conventional features, however the outcome is really normal looking. "Airtouch featuring is a shading procedure where you take cuts of hair and utilize a blow dryer to blow away the more current development of the hair, abandoning the more established development, so you just feature the most seasoned strands of hair," Papanikolas beforehand POPSUGAR.

Ribbon Highlights

A typical issue with features is that they can look one way when your hair is styled, yet entirely unexpected when air-dried. That is where the allure of lace features comes in. This procedure includes boards of features that are applied to air-dried hair, so beauticians can see the best normal position.

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