The Benefits of Adding a Juicy Tangy Tint: A Guide

The Benefits of Adding a Juicy Tangy Tint: A Guide

Lip tints are much more than just giving color to complete your pout. Giving your lips the needed care and attention is a must ritual for your oral health. We all want to have one in our makeup products when it comes to lip tints. Having a super soft and creamy lip product is need year-round. Most people think about the natural ingredients present in the tints. But the raw ingredients are as encouraging and have a long expiry date as the traditional elements. And because you consume some part of any lip product, a clean formula should be your priority.

Filled with nourishing, safe ingredients, our Spanish Girl lip tints bring all the hydration for your benefits to your lips which can avail maintain creamy, nourishing and healthy lips throughout the day with a pinch of natural color. Lip and cheek tints have been the number 1 in the makeup market like anything. If you are a social media user, you must have already known about half of the beauty influencers flaunting them. A lot of brands in the lip tints business has emerged recently just because of the consumption in the market of lip tints are getting huge. Romand juicy lasting tint is one of the best out of them.

Romand juicy lasting tint

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If you are not a big fan of Over The Top makeup then a lip tint can be your savior. This one tint makeup product is enough to complete that no-makeup, minimal look. Dab dab some on you cheeks and lips and you are ready to go. People have also shot youtube shots and instagram reels on Romand juicy lasting tint swatches.

Tints are very much natural looking as compared to the other makeup products and lipsticks, they are easy to apply also as well as they are very light weighed.

Do Romand Lip Tints Last Long?

Romand beauty brand, which is styled as Rom&nd is a South Korean established makeup brand. It is a Korean makeup brand started and owned by a Korean influencer, Saeron Min. People also call know her as Gaeko. She is known for her makeup transformations solely.

Romand Lip Tints Last Long

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The brand falls under the category of luxury brand according to its set prices of the products. Recently romand stepped up in the game and launched its Lip tints. And trust me people are going mad over them from the time they were launched. They are these juicy watery tints which we can apply with anything and that will make you look bomb.

There are 2 types of tints, the one is the Romand Glasting Water Tint and the other is the non watery formula tint. Both the tints are the best sellers for the romand brand till date. They are priced at $17.90 USD for a single tint.

I mean according to the price you can imagine how good the tint is going to be. The tint looks very natural and juicy after applying. They are long lasting as well. romand juicy lasting tint are something else, mentions the users and influencers too. You can check social media also for the reviews of the tint.

How Do You Use Romand Juicy Lasting Lip Tint?

Romand juicy lasting tint is a type of a tint which is very easy to apply and hassle free as well. You will just need two or three strokes of the brush.

Stroke the brush inside you lips gently and then pat your lips together for two three times, and voila! The tint is applied and you are good and ready to go.

This tint is also long lasting and also comes in more than one shade.  After the success of the first launched tint Gaeko after that recently launched a new tint which is known as romand juicy lasting tint bare grape.

romand juicy lasting tint bare grape

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You can guess by its name only that how juicy and tasty this tint is sounding, imagine applying this tint. How nourishing and soft and hydrating this tint could be for your lips.

The romand tints  comes in 16 different shades for every skin tone. They have kept in mind before making and launching of there product that it should be suitable for every skin type and color. For now romand is available in Korea and America. It is not available for India as of now. But you can get it shipped from USA and can also order it from Amazon USA and pay for the shipping.

What Does Romand Lip Tint Smell Like?

Romand lip tint smells like, they have a very subtle and balanced smell of Vanilla. Every tint out of the 16 tint shades has its own smell. Because every shade of the tint is combined with a different juicy flavor. Romand  juicy lasting tint swatches.

romand juicy lasting tint bare grape comes in a plastic colored tube and have an applicator and are long lasting and nice in texture. You may be needing an cleanser for applying them at night. The glossy layer get removed becaue of the eating, drinking and speaking but the stain is there till the end of the day, for which you will need and oil cleanser at the end of the day.

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They are very less sticky and gives a great tint. They have a scent which is very sweet and quite strong to be honest. People tend to prefer the glossy tints over the matte ones more.

Are Romand Lip Tints Good?

The shade initials is printed on the side of the packaging which I authentically appreciate since sometimes it’s hard to read the initials of the shade on the bottom of the can. It’s just much more better to read there! When you untwist the top, there is a tiny doe foot applicator which gets the needed amount of product, not very much.

The tint has a nourishing and light weighed consistency which feels like a fine moisturizing oil when applied, scarcely like a thin Vaseline. The color of the tint looks like the packaging and the online image which I’m glad with. After leaving it for sometime it gives a stain which matches with the packaging color.


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