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A three-piece suit is timeless and structured tailoring at its best. The three-piece suit has its origins in the 17th century. It was when King Charles II came up with a waistcoat. There was a military influence on fashion. London’s dandy subculture and the emergence of the Industrial Revolution gave rise to the three-piece suits. They are relevant till now. They make good wedding suits. They look best in a slim, tailored fit.

Three-piece suits are known by the standard suit and pants, and matching vest. And they are now back in the fashion arena. These make you look formal. There are different styles and shapes available in the market. So, choose the suit that suits you.

Advantages of Three-Piece Suits

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A three-piece suit contains three components: the suit, pants, and waistcoat. These make you look stylish and adventurous. The waistcoat makes you look elegant and stylish. The waistcoat becomes the most integral part of the three-piece suit. It can be worn alone with a dress shirt. There are many advantages of wearing a three-piece suit. They give that classic look. They are trendy too. Also, when you wear a three-piece suit you feel good about yourself.

There is a misconception that wearing a waistcoat makes you look fat. But that’s not true. A waistcoat makes you look more organized. It gives structure to the attire. And it is an essential part of a three-piece suit without which it won’t be called a three-piece suit. Even if you keep your jacket open, the waistcoat will give you a nice finished look. It will look appealing.

Another big advantage of owning a three-piece suit is that it gives you a lot of dressing options. You can wear waistcoat with a jeans. Or, you can pair the waistcoat with the jacket and pants of another color suit. You would look a little less formal this way but that’s okay.

Three-Piece Suits color combinations

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Your shoes should match your suit. Brown shoes go nicely with navy. Black shoes look good with a black suit. And black shoes look good in a blue or navy suit. The waistcoat, jacket, and pants should be of the same color. Navy blue or light blue look good for a wedding. Don’t wear anything light. White shirts are the staple for three-piece suits. You can wear a tie of any color with it. You can experiment with colors too like brown, maroon, grey, or any other color.

So, here is a look at the best three-piece suits for men in 2022:


Reiss Faith Wool Mohair Tailored Three Piece Suit, Bright Navy

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Reiss has got the best tailoring ever. It is great. Reiss looks very elegant. It is simple because it has a single-button closure. There are vent pockets and a nice silhouette that is light. There are large peak lapels that make the suit really great.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Men's Purple Label: Suiting & Tailoring | Ralph Lauren

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You will feel confident wearing it. It is because of the fabric. It has combined pinstripes and peak lapels. There is a six-button double-breasted construction. Then, there is the waistcoat. The result is an outfit that’s both elegant and outstanding.

Ted Baker

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Whether you do the gym or you have a chilled approach to exercise, the Ted Baker suit would fit you. It has a slim fit cut. It would fit the contours of your body and give you a flattering fit. Whether you have bulging biceps or not, this is for you. This should have a place in your wardrobe.